Recently we finalised our own kitchen design and it has made our home and family life so much better. We agonised over layout, details, what needed to come down and stay up, salvaged anything we could re-use, and we can honestly say it has been so worth it! It feels like we’ve extended our home, but it is two rooms knocked into one.

Lily Bernheimer in her book ‘The Shaping of Us’, notes that environmental psychologists have discovered that our emotional attachment to our homes can be almost as strong as our emotional attachment to other people.1 We embrace this position and design with our clients and their whole person central to the outcome. We believe so strongly in the direct correlation between the design of spaces, the value of the materials specified and the impact that has on the owners’ well-being. That is why in 2021, Neil became a WELL Accredited Professional to establish this as our core ethic and back that up with industry knowledge and certification.

We have worked with scores of home owners over the years and we have to say that the greatest satisfaction we get is through client appreciation, and knowing that the spaces we have designed have improved their lives.

1 The Shaping of Us: How Everyday Spaces Structure our Lives, Behaviour and Well-Being, p74, 2017