Greenshields Architects
will collaborate with you to make spaces
and places to enjoy

Change your physical, built environment

You’re here because you need to change your physical, built environment. There is gap to fill or change to be made because you are aware that whatever is present doesn’t meet your needs, expectations or ambitions.

Perhaps you haven’t verbalised nor visualised what you need. Perhaps you are very clear about what you want but unsure of the next steps to take. Maybe you simply don’t have the time and need someone to manage things for you.

You’re in the right place.

About Greenshields Architects

Greenshields Architects are adept at taking your dreams, needs and wants, and moving you through the project stages, to a structured brief, to conceptualise and refine a design that will get the best possible outcome for you. Where agreed, we will work to the very end of the project to ensure care is taken to get the final product to match the design.

We specifically work with complexity, uncertainty, nuance and with multiple demands, seeking at all times to reconcile, ground and form solutions that have propriety, reliability and delight.

Meet Neil and Alison

After 20 years in the field of Architecture, we determined to offer our own value and values directly to the world, setting up Greenshields Architects.

We have worked on Listed Buildings, a brownfield site for which we designed four new houses, a church in a cinema, warehouse conversion and a number of houses to be extended or modified.

Permissions to build are par for the course in this business. We focus on getting the design right, taking our client’s hopes and ideas as the starting point.

We are growing a business that puts evidence backed aspirational solutions to real and potentially difficult problems. We put the health and wellbeing of people at the centre of a project, which logically forms a sustainable outcome that meets holistic needs.

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Satisfied clients

Even as a relatively new practice we have already worked with developers, retail, several families, couples and a church; helping them all with layout and detailed designs, permissions and getting stuck into their projects.

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